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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long time, no blog.

Sooooo...guess I will try and start blogging again. I don't know if anyone will read this but I will give it a go! This weekend has been beautiful, 70's sunny. I actually went to a movie last night with two co-workers and had a great time. We went to Julie and Julia, about Julia Child and a woman named Julie who worked her way through Julia Child's cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in one year 500 some odd recipes!!! WOW!! Not me..we had BBQ brats and mac and cheese for dinner tonight!! :) Would love to receive a comment if anyone ever reads this!


Pamela Black said...

Thought I'd catch up on the Smiths. Blacks here. Lovin' the snow with you. So peaceful. But not a snow today that can easily be whisked away with a broom. Here I am without a shovel too - hopefully the HOA landscape "guy" will get the leaves raked, snow shoveled and flower beds prepared for winter - so far NOTHIN'. Hmmmm. We're looking forward to time with Trav, Jen & Zeke in December and then the Prices for Christmas. You are so blessed to be able to stay home and still have your family with you. We're so blessed that when we visit the grandson we get to take in the ocean too - that's pretty fun, but so expensive. yikes. Love you Betty. Keep posting.

ggminton said...

Love the clown costume,,,it has held up really well, and maybe Makena's kids can wear it, but doubt if I will be around for than generation..

I too love having a cup of coffee and enjoy the snow, although we don't et much here... thank goodness